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NDX-1 Mars Prototype Suit

NDX-1 Mars Suit

Extravehicular activity is one of the most critical areas for planetary exploration. On Mars, due to gravity conditions, dust contamination and a specific thermal scenario, a special kind of suit is required to protect the astronauts. Since 2005, the Department of Space Studies at UND has been involved in researching the area of planetary space suit systems. The NDX-1 is a Mars suit demonstrator which is tested on Earth under simulated Martian conditions.

The North Dakota Experimental-1 (NDX-1) Mars Prototype suit was the first Planetary Space suit built at the university level. It was designed by Gary L. Harris and built in cooperation with student assistants and faculty members at UND.

The NDX 1 is a planetary suit concept demonstrator designed by a team of graduate students lead by Pablo de León and mobility expert Gary L. Harris.

Up to date, the prototype has been successfully tested by conducting surface operations jointly with NASA in a number of extreme environments. These extreme environments include the Badlands Region in North Dakota, the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah, the Marambio base in Antarctica, and the Pilbara region in Australia.


All the experience gathered with the NDX-1 has been fully utilized as background research for the construction of a second suit: The Advanced Lunar prototype suit NDX-2.