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NDX-2 Advanced Lunar Suit

NDX-2 Lunar Suit

The NDX-2 is a new-generation pressure suit developed for the lunar environment. Its design has been lead by Gary L. Harris, and Chief Designer and Pablo de León as Project Manager.

On September 2009, the prototype parts were integrated and assembled at the UND Human Spaceflight Laboratory with the assistance of a team of graduate students.

NDX-2 assembly NDX-2 assembly

The main purpose of the first test conducted in February 2010 was to pressurize the suit up to 2 psi and perform a donning (a procedure in which a person puts on the space suit). The objectives of this test were to assess the grade of mobility of the material and the design suitability.

Currently, the team is working in some minor improvements and safety systems in the suit, as well as the biomedical system. The voice and video communication systems as well as the Life Support System (LSS) are also in development as we work towards future field testing of the suit.

The NDX-2 is one of the elements that will take part in the integration of the NASA EPSCoR CAN 2009 grant project, “Integrated Strategies for the Human Exploration of the Moon and Mars”. The NDX-2 will be connected to an electrical rover, by means of a suit port or suit lock assembly. This concept, together with the Portable Life Support System (PLSS) Assembly, and hatches, are all designed to function cooperatively for:

For further information about the suit port concept: http://blogs.nasa.gov/cm/blog/analogsfieldtesting/posts/post_1250519466168.html