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Development of a Portable Life Support System (PLSS) for 1 G Testing of the NDX-1 Space Suit

PLSS design for the NDX-1

Despite the benefits of the current design, which provides more comfort to the test subject due to the reduced weight of the complete life support system, the operation of the NDX-1 with an external source of gas using a compressor or tank and umbilical cables is not feasible for realistic testing purposes. Therefore, when field testing far from power sources, it is necessary to have a self-contained system to provide at least one hour of autonomy for gases and thermal control. To address this issue HSL has begun development of a small-footprint, reduced-mass PLSS. This will provide autonomy for non-umbilical testing of the NDX-1 in areas where operation with an umbilical system is not possible.

Principal Investigator: Pablo de León