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Selected Publications

Crew Protection, Contingency EVA and the Crew Exploration Vehicle

The Development of a Planetary Suit Concept Demonstrator by the North Dakota Space Grant Consortium

Proposed Androgynous Docking Airlock/Utility Module

Interim Report for the Human Exploration of the Moon and Mars: Space radiation protection and mitigation strategies for a long term duration lunar base (a NASA funded study)

Habitat Architecture Concept Definition for “Integrated Strategies for the Human Exploration of the Moon and Mars” (A NASA-funded Study): Interim Status Report

Preliminary Testing of a Pressurized Space Suit and Candidate Fabrics under Simulated Mars Dust Storm and Dust Devil Conditions

Design and Construction of an Inflatable Lunar Base with Pressurized Rovers and Suitports

NDX-2: Development of an Advanced Planetary Space Suit Demonstrator System for the Lunar Environment

Some Thoughts on the Architecture of a Planetary Extravehicular Space Suit